The 4 most breathtaking Mediterranean holiday spots – where should you go?

The Mediterranean is special and iconic destination for many travellers to have mind blowing holidays. Beautiful beaches and coastlines, idyllic islands, pretty cliff top villages, amiable medieval towns, deep and rich history and rich culture are some distinctive features of the Med. With all these features it is the best place to visit and it offers you a lot to enjoy. You can find the best med spots in three continents Africa, Asia and Europe.  Whether you are looking for sunny days to soak up in sun or going off season to escape the crowd the Mediterranean will give you all this on its authentic harbors and villages. I am going to tell you some best destinations which will become your inspiration for next holidays. Let’s see what the great Med has for you.


Venetians called this place “flower of eastac” because of its fertility. It is one of the most valuable places that give visitors a true experience of Greek. You will love the olive trees, vineyards and beaches, which are specialty of this area. Nightlife here is vibrant with lots of bars and pubs giving you temptations from all sides. Architectural designs of city resembles to Venice’s San Marco square both showing skills and creativity of their builders. Ionian island which is largest Greek island is located here and is home to many loggerhead turtles that are endanger species and came here to lay eggs. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling and explore things underwater. It will be life time experience for you.


Monaco is tiny yet stunning place having purely Med’s touch and beauty. Its shinning burst of sun, deep water sea and unique style is hard to beat. Due to its small size you will not have to spend so many days to explore all the sites. You can enjoy all major sites in just a day or two. The major attractions here are

  • Pink palace; home to prince albert
  • Oligarchs’ yachts in the harbor
  • Opulent casino
  • Hills of Provence

You can easily find affordable resorts to stay like legendary hotel de Paris and chateau saint-martin spa.


Spain is famous for its dramatic scenery, roman and medieval towns and unparalleled Spanish character. It is number one choice of many people when it comes to spending holidays in the Med. The attractive places here are

  • Extremadura, a region with stunning natural beauty and is some 2 hours away from Madrid. You will feel the true Spanish touch here.
  • Monfragüe National Park; is worth visiting park. It has diverse variety of Mediterranean fauna and flora. Griffin vultures, Iberian lynx and eagle owl are fantastic species you will find here. Photography lovers love to capture these species in their camera. You will find many shops here selling the stylish canvas prints and portraitsof eagle owl.
  • Trujillo; is hilltop town well known for its delightful scenery, 12th century castles, narrow cobbled streets. Local superb restaurants.

You will find many good quality restaurants and hotels to stay here at reasonable prices.

Bodrum, turkey:

If you want to enjoy sparkling Mediterranean light at sunset, the port of bodrum is best place to have this experience. The characteristic whitewashed houses are pulses of heartbeat of this city. These houses looks beautiful while overlooking the sea. You will enjoy numerous cafes and lively bars and striking kumbahce beach. Have a wonderful cruise experience from bodrum along the coves and islets dotted along the coastline. There are excellent opportunities for scuba diving in the gulf of Gokova and you can also enjoy simple splashing about in deep blue waters of sea.

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