You probably already know that Australia is known for it’s amazing landscapes, laid back cities, and gorgeous beaches. The country is so vast and full of amazing things to see and do, that it would be impossible to cram it all in to one single trip.

However, we’ve put together 12 places and activities that you should pencil in to your bucket list right now! Ready? Here we go!

1. Get Back to Nature at Kakadu

This place has the power to excite all of your sense at once. Walk, drive, swim, or simply watch the rare and amazing wildlife.

2. Jump Into the Great Barrier Reef

Everybody knows of the Great Barrier Reef, so of course it had to be on the list. Go snorkelling or scuba diving to really enjoy the magic it has to offer.

3. Visit Ayers Rock (Uluru)

This rock is so much more than just a big stone. You can literally sense the history and magic as you get closer!

4. Climb the Coathanger

The coathanger, otherwise known as the Sydney harbour bridge, is a must do in Sydney. You wouldn’t go to New York without going to the empire state building, would you?

5. Swim With Whale Sharks

Ningaloo is a magical reef, just waiting for you to come and explore. You’ll find over 500 species of fish!

6. Go to the Worlds Oldest Living Museum

These forests have been around for 110 million years ancient! Visit the world’s oldest living museum to be inspired by it’s beauty.

7. Visit Sydney Opera House

Again, Sydney Opera house is a must when in the country.

8. Take a Peek at Cradle Mountain

This is one of the most recognisable peaks in Australia, although it isn’t the largest.

9. Go to one of the best private golf courses in Australia

Sanctuary Cove Golf & Country Club has state-of-the-art facilities, enhancing your golfing experience, which is also typically used by some of Australia’s most elite professionals. “To be a world-class Golf and Country Club that exceeds the expectations of Members and guests”.

10. See the Sunset Over the Indian Ocean

Go to shark bay in WA and stand on the steepest point, but better yet; do it at sunset! That would make you the last human on the continent (that day) to watch the sunset. Wow!

11. Paddle in the Murray River

One of the largest and most important rivers in the world, a paddle in the Murray river is a must.

12.  See the Oldest Works of Art in The World

The rock site in WA on the Burrup Peninsula is one of the largest, allowing you to see art made thousands of years ago.

13. See the Parade of the Penguins

These penguins are extra cute, as they’re only about 33cm tall (and even can be referred to as fairy penguins). Watch them pop out of the ocean from Coffs Harbour for an experience you won’t forget in a hurry. Click here.