Are you going to Vienna for a romantic trip? Here are 5 things that you must do whilst visiting!

If youre currently in the process of planning a romantic vacation for you and your loved one and your destination is Europe, you definitely have to put Vienna on your must-see list. Located within the central part of Europe, it is known for its beautiful landscapes, exceptional wines and wonderful hotels.

We personally believe that while there should be a bit of spontaneity in order to make a trip truly engaging, there also should be a list of things to do so that you can enjoy everything that each place has to offer. Thats why weve provided you with a list of five things that you should see or do while youre in Vienna below:

Ride the Giant Ferris Wheel in the Vienna Prater. There are a lot of us whove watched romantic movies where two main characters have had a scene in a ferris wheel and weve thought to ourselves I sure would like to ride in one with my sweetheart. Well, in Vienna, you can do just that. In fact, not only will the Giant Ferris Wheel in the Vienna Prater give you the opportunity to take a ride but while youre inside of it, you can also have a three-course meal too.

Have some wine. Heres something that you might find to be fascinating: Did you know that Vienna is actually the only global capital in the entire world that features world-class wines? So, while youre there, its an absolute must that you have a glass or two. Wein & Co. is a relatively new spot that features a wine store, a Mediterranean restaurant and a tasting bar. And if you want to enjoy a place that feels more historical, order some wine at the Palais Coburg. Its a wine place within a 19-century palace thats been renovated.

Visit the Lichtenstein Museum. If youd like to spend a day simply walking around and holding hands, then consider doing this at the Lichtenstein Museum. Being that its located behind an isolated park, after seeing the various displays, you can view the tall trees and small ponds that surround it. Theres even a cafe inside of the museum where you can have some coffee or a light lunch.

Spend a night at the Sacher Hotel. One of the most famous hotels in the entire world is a five-star one that is located within the heart of Vienna. In fact, it is such a favorite that they have had people like the late John F. Kennedy and Queen Elizabeth among the many guests who have stayed with them. Many of the suites come complete with a fireplace and chandelier, theres a spa on-site and their restaurants are second-to-none.

Go to the opera. While visiting Vienna, are you looking for an opportunity to put on your formal wear? If so, you absolutely must go to the Vienna Opera. The Vienna State Opera dates back to the 19th century. The Volksoper Opera features operas, musicals and ballets and the Salonorchester Alt Wien has one of the most beautiful venues in all of Europe. For more information on all of these opera houses (and several others), visit