Fishing across the world

1. Umba River, Kola Peninsula, Russia 

Fish: Salmon

Aurora borealis, reindeer herds, snow: Russia’s Kola Peninsula is a winter wonderland beyond compare. But come spring, this Arctic Eden morphs into a different kind of paradise: salmon heaven. Each May, fisherfolk flock to the Kola’s 123km-long Umba River to cast for some of the finest, fattest Atlantic salmon on earth.

The Umba is believed to have up to five salmon runs per year, making for an almost endless flow of fish. But nothing comes easy here: the Umba is isolated, the wading tough going, and anglers have to share their space with the greatest fish fans of them all: bears.

2. Cairns, Australia

Fish: Giant black marlin

On Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, anyone with a snorkelling mask can find Nemo. But it takes a tough cookie to land a legend. The giant black marlin is one of the most coveted catches on the planet: weighing up to 850kg and able to swim up to 130km per hour, it has the ability to turn hardened game fishers (and, after several hours in battle, their wrists) to jelly.

The stunning 200km stretch between Cairns and Lizard Island is the best place on earth to hook one: more giant black marlin are caught in these waters than in the rest of the world combined.


3. Southern USA

Fish: Catfish

Y’all hungry? Git noodlin’! Also known as cat-daddling, gurgling and hillbilly hand fishing, noodling is the not-exactly refined art of shoving your hand into an underwater hole, waiting until you get bitten by a flathead catfish and wrestling the thrashing ‘mudcat’ to the surface.

Noodling has its drawbacks (catfish have a lot of teeth, and you never know what is lurking in that hole) but the sport isn’t just for masochistic kicks: Native Americans were highly skilled hand fishers, and in many southern states, the practice has become a much-valued tradition passed down over generations.


4. Eg-Uur River Basin, Mongolia

Fish: Taimen

Think ‘Mongolia’, and it’s yaks, nomads and exceptionally salty tea that probably spring to mind. But this remote central Asian outpost – more famous for steppes than streams – is one of the last remaining havens for the world’s largest trout species, the taimen.

A fierce, cannibalistic monster, taimen can grow up to 2m and smash the scales at 90kg; fishing for these whoppers is not for the faint of heart or the feeble of arm. The fish can live for up to 60 years, giving determined taimen trollers a lifetime to land the perfect beast.


5. Fishing in Pattaya

Fish: 35+ Species

Even if you’ve fished in Thailand for years, it’s worth taking the time to learn the Thai names of the species that you will encounter when fishing at Hookers Fishing Lake Pattaya.

With over 35 species of carp, Hookers offers a truly amazing destination for fisherman you want to chance their arm at fishing and chasing real river monsters in a tropical paradise


6. Amazon Basin, Brazil

Fish: Piranha

Fish for Piranha is safe. Piranha are simply a freshwater fish commonly found in the Amazon basin. There are around thirty species in known existence, with average sizes ranging from 5 to 10 inches in length.

Fishing on the Amazon is an experience in itself and as to be added to our list as one of the must-visit destinations for all serious fishermen.