5 Incredible Places to See Before You Die

Travelling around the world is a great experience since it renders opportunities to understand different religions, beliefs, cultures and traditions. Every place has something unique about it. If you are a travel enthusiast and want to visit the best places in the world, then here is the list for you. Below are the 5 incredible places that you must visit from number 5 to the number 1.

#5: Cape Town

Situated on the Southern Tip of South Africa, Cape Town is a beautiful place. The mesmerizing landscape from the top of the mountains will take you to a new world that you always dreamt of. Watching the dolphins and whales swimming in the clear waters is undoubtedly a great view. Apart from the natural beauty, you will get to taste world’s best wines. One place that everyone should go is the Robben Island. It is a historic prison famous worldwide because renowned Nelson Mandela was kept here for years. Thus, the place offers a combination of historic and natural beauty.

#4: Sydney

As you move towards Australia, one place where you must visit is Sydney. Sydney allows you to enjoy every bit of your life. You can start with the beaches in the morning. They offer a beautiful view. In the afternoon, you could visit places like the famous Opera House, Blue Mountains, and some of the best museums. However, this is not the end, as the sun sets; you will find that the city transforms into a beautiful place with deep cultural values. You can enjoy activities like whale watching, biking etc. making it a perfect tourist destination.

#3: Machu Picchu

Located in Peru, this place is known for the Amazon jungle and culture that it has imbibed from the past. The local residents believe that their tradition and culture are their strengths and thus, when you visit the place, you can feel it everywhere. If you admire nature and love to visit places with ancient remnants, then this is the ultimate destination. The city is also known as lost city and hence you will get to know some very interesting stories that you have never heard.

#2: Paris

Known as the city of romance, Paris is best destination if you are planning a trip with your beloved. Apart from the Eiffel Tower, this city located in France is a perfect holiday destination. It is also known for great wine and a variety of food. The Louvre is famous all over the world. You will witness the world’s best collection of sculptures and paintings. If you are an art enthusiast, you will never get to visit something better than this place as you will get to see the finest works like Mona Lisa. Spending time with your beloved in this beautiful city is a romantic trip that you always dreamt of.

#1: Rio De Janeiro

Known for the liveliness, Rio De Janeiro, this Brazilian city is one place that you must visit without fail. There are many places to visit and numerous interesting activities that you will like to be part of. During day time, visit places like Lagoa, Jardim Botanico, Statue of Christ Redeemer and after sunset, find a bar and enjoy the stunning nightlife. You will enjoy your time dancing to the beats of salsa which continues until dawn. Thus, with the perfect blend of historic and cultural heritage, Rio De Janeiro should be on the top of your list.

One Paring Tip: Whenever you plan a trip to any of the famous tourist destinations, make sure that you collect all relevant information about the place and book everything in advance. Tourists in huge numbers visit these places every year and hence to avoid any last minute hassles, it is recommended to make arrangements in advance so that you can enjoy your trip in the best possible way.

Author Bio: Johnny is a travel enthusiast who works with AussieSIM – letting Australians roam like a local in over 90 countries! When he’s not busy working with the AussieSIM team you will find him exploring the great Australian Outback.