5 Best Nail Art Designs

The creation of the most stunning and best looking nail art designs has evolved to achieve artistic perfection. The breath-taking artistry finish and look certainly takes beauty to the next level. With this zeal and together with cutting edge style, it is time to reveal the most trending and outstanding designs of nail art that are perfect for professional woman, wedding ceremonies and special occasions, as well as holidays demanding long lasting colours.

1. Polka Dots

Polka Dots on nails are certainly back in fashion and have become part of vogue lifestyle. Nail art featuring polka dot designs are being flaunted by women these days rampantly. Polka dots over bright neon are in a true sense the shades of the season. Aside from the bright neon, white is the ever classic colour choice preferred with polka dots. Other colours like black, gold and silver make nails look fabulous and are proven to be a great way to accent a black outfit. It also adds a splash of colour to high heel sandals as well.

2. Mix N Match

Women desiring for colourful and pretty nails but do not have time to try for complicated designs. Make-up expert at the most coveted salons add colourful variety to the nails by making them paint in different available colours. The Mix N Match look goes great especially with similar looking nail shades like pastels, nudes, brights, as well as a gradient of shades ranging in the same colour group. Aside from endless numbers of options and possibilities, trying mix n match ensures spending less time.

3. Ombre Nail Art

Ombre nail art is a type of nail art design in which each finger nail gets coloured differently in such a way that the tone changes from a lighter to darker shade of the same colour type; eventually giving an outstanding effect on the nails. While trying out the Ombre nail art look, bright colours like pink and purple makes the nails look very pretty.

4. Twist on French Manicure

French manicure staple in nail designing is never going to go out of fashion and would continue to be a part of any womans style statement. The only thing that has changed is a modern spinning by shifting to modern flashy colours. With the help of the nail stripper, a woman is confident enough to go freehand anywhere and anytime. The all new sharp V-shaped nail tips with bold colour on uncovered parts make the nails look ever ravishing.

5. Tribal Nail Designs

Nail art designing with colourful and Aztec prints have evolved to stay on every womans nails. It certainly looks fabulous and brings versatility while bringing attention to the woman in a crowd.

Due to the understanding of distinctiveness of each individual, designers and make-up artists work closely to enhance the charisma of each woman, by working to compliment the strengths of each unique hand, integrating it with characteristic persona and creating flawless and incredible work of art perfecting creation of nail design art.

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