3 Incredible Travel Trips Every Couple Should Take

Realizing the fact that love is in the air, the planet is full of travel destinations sure to put your partner in the mood, from historical playground bustling with culture to tropical hot spots full of sun. Therefore, show your partner how much you love her by engaging her on an incredible travel trip, at least once in a year. It is important to choose a destination that both of you will enjoy, whether you plan it together, want to surprise your loved one or need something to win him or her back.
Travelling to attractive destinations once in a while make relationships stronger. Hence, hot beaches, safari cruises, luxury hotels and spas as well as exotic islands are all worth experiencing for a romantic trip. On the other hand, facing situations you have never experienced before or spending time in entirely new environments and experiencing new sensations will make you discover each other even more and offer you great memories and new things to learn.

To make your trip more romantic and memorable, you can hire a car and drive yourself with your loved one, when in the new place. But do make sure to check the driving regulations of the place and whether your existing driving licence can be used there.  If you are an UK resident, you can contact DVLA to find out such information.

Here are 3 incredible travel trips every couple should take:
Paris, France
This is a popular travel destination for couples. The romantic places in this city of love are Prague, Venice, Lisbon, Barcelona and Rome. You are assured of a wonderful picnic or romantic dinner on the beach, besides strolling on charming little streets and kissing under the Eiffel Tower. The Barbados, Bermuda, Bahamas, Hawaii and Philippines are some of the most romantic beaches. Paris is the native land of joie de vivre mind-set, owing to the infinite cache of lovely architecture and charming locations. While in Paris, you cannot afford to miss the Chateau de Versailles one of the most beautiful destinations in the world and the former abode of the King of France.

Vienna Austria
Vienna, Austrias capital is among the incredible travel trips every couple should take. This is because it is the largest city with Baroque, Romanesque and Classic architecture, splendid restaurants and the celebrated State Opera. Simply enjoy a coffee in a quaint cafe or take a stroll along the Danube as you watch the world pass by!
However, when you are visiting Vienna, remember to take your dancing shoes along with you for the illustrious Vienna ball that is normally hosted from 31st December to 10th of March.

You can never be wrong by visiting Cyprus the legendary hometown of Aphrodite, if you are looking to fondle the flames of romance. While in Cyprus, as you soak up the sun, you can enjoy miles of white-sand beaches. You cannot afford to miss the magnificent Akamas Peninsula as you go hand-in-hand with each other. This is the place where the virginity of Aphrodite was said to have been renewed with every bath.
Furthermore, the gorgeous views and pristine water in the peninsulas grotto will certainly renew your spirits, even though taking a dip might not turn you back into an innocent 14-year-old.